To You, in 2000 Years - Attack On Titan Episode 1 Reaction


Martin, 31 Jan 2021 - 8:42pm
When will the last reactions to Naruto come? Currently, it looks like you're intentionally delaying this so that people don't cancel their subscription....
Ayo, 31 Jan 2021 - 12:15am
No spoilers here; I'm not sure if you only watch dubs, but the dubbing of AOT breaks its own narrative multiple times and disjoints a lot of meaningful dialogue. Normally I like to watch dubs if the dub is good; Code Geass, Psycho-Pass, Death Note, etc. BUT Attack on Titan dubbed is legitimately an inferior product as it demeans many of the important events and the flow of information. Especially in later seasons where the driving element of the show, mystery, is upended with inconsistencies. For example; character 'X' saying things 'X' shouldn't know literally minutes before a scene of 'Y' explicitly saying "our plan hinges on 'X' not knowing this information." I can forgive bad voice-acting, but bad script-writing in a story as dialogue-heavy in a world as rich as AOT really ruins the experience, so I'd seriously recommend watching this one subbed.

TL;DR Watch it subbed. Just. Please.
If you want a slice of life, romance, comedy, school. I recommend Clannad series. I cut highschool classes on fridays to watch it LOL. I loved it. I cried a lot
All these kids hating on this anime probably love stuff like Black Clover and Fire Force.
so attack on titans nah I'm good this one was kinda boring for me. keep watching it though apparently people still like this ill skip it.
You’re a legend Suzy!! I’ve been curious to see what you think about this for the last 2 years now! Complete change of pace from most of the anime you’ve been watching over the years!!👍
Finally, an anime that is freaking awesome to see reactions to. Suzy, when you're done with this, you should totally check out "A slap on titan" on youtube. Hilarious.
so cool i just started this series too so ill prob just go at the same pace lol