The Defeated - Attack On Titan Episode 22 Reaction


I thought it was suspicious that you didn't even talk a second about Erwin through all the episodes so far. But it's Erwin who's the leader. Levi is just a scout, you could call him a Leader of his small squad witr Petra, etc. But he's nowhere near being a real Leader.
All that's planned is done by Erwin.
Okay, that's right. But still she's giving too much credit to Levi. He never was the one to plan anything. And the part where i wrote, that she didn't even talk about Erwin once, is still valid.
Suzy: Lets see if you really are the best Levi!!!???
Levi: Sure

Suzy one second later: OMG I love you Levi please marry me
Soup, 20 Feb 2021 - 10:55pm
Suzy: Let's see if Levi really is the best.
Me: actually laughs out loud
zaak, 20 Feb 2021 - 9:51pm
I mean.. he is an idiot... Stupid bish who put everyones life in danger. But at the end, u can't really blame him for wanting to bring his friends corpse back home... :(
“So many dead for a failed mission”
Just another day for the survey corps!
Ig I’ll be the one to tell her that fun fact , that was actually petra’s badge that Levi gave the guy and said it was Ivan’s . Levi had no way to even get Ivan’s badge remember because he was already dead and they didn’t have his body until they went back for him but it ended up being lost anyways . When Levi removed the blanket from that body and it showed that badge, it was Petra. It goes to show the relationship of Petra and Levi they kinda hinted at it multiple times
There are no fillers in Attack on Titan. Every episode/chapter serves its unique purpose to the story, world-building, or develops its characters
There are several scenes in the anime that aren't from the manga. These are called "anime original scenes." They STILL serve a purpose to either the characters, story, or world building. The author works closely with the anime production and adds these extra scenes himself.
hugoA, 20 Feb 2021 - 7:41pm
Yeah it’s back to daily. Can’t believe she finished season 1 so fast. Season 2 is going to go by even faster if she’s back to daily episodes