Unraveling - Death Note Episode 6 Reaction



Hi, i am here so i can buy vip and watch your death note reaction but in your payment method there are only two option so i kindly request you pls add paytm in your payment method your 16 years old fan love and support from india.
Hello Suzy, sorry I had a problem with the VIP, I did not know that I would be charged monthly to the card I only wanted to pay a month that was last month, and well I just received money that I needed yesterday and the page I took off a part, I know can you make money refunds?
Any reason this was only 11 minutes? Copyright stuff or what? The previous videos showed mostly the entire episodes. Kinda feels a bit unfair to do this for a VIP-only series. If there's a good reason for it then it's fine tho

Love this series! Also don't feel bad for wanting Light to die or be caught :)
No, there was just a lot of info we had already heard so my editor cut the repeat bits out. :) I'm not here to show entire episodes.
This video is Faded out but the rest were not O.o, I thought part of the VIP was so the video wasn't faded out.
Suzy, there is only really one person to root for and that is L.

Anyone who supports Light is a person who loves to murder people and that is just disgusting. You will see why later on.
N0, 07 Aug 2020 - 6:15pm
Light is the protagonist and L is the antagonist in this story. If this was L's story, it wouldn't change anything. Both are protagonists in their own story.

Rooting for someone who is on the side of injustice and wants all bad and evil people gone means they share or agree with their interests, despite their terrible and harsh mentality. L is on the side of legal justice, which is a person that I definitely admire, despite his odd and unusual behavior.
N0, 07 Aug 2020 - 2:51am
if you still don't know, Suzy, this takes place before smartphones exist
KBaggy, 06 Aug 2020 - 11:04pm
Excellent series, and I have enjoyed your reactions so far.

With regards to cameras on the buses and trains, you have to remember this was originally written almost 20 years ago now, and cameras on public transport where not as wide spread as they are now. Just typing that in has made me realize how long I have been watching amine, originally collecting the volumes as they came out.

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