She's Finally Here! - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7


Can't wait for more FF& Remake Do you know when you'll have more of it? So excited to see you play this game, as a 30 year old fan of the OG and FF is my all time favorite series EVER, I'm stocked to see another fan of the same calibur play it! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this game~~
I never played any of the FF's but this looks amasing. i have no clue if this is correct or not but maybe consider useing the proficencies? or how its spelled. on tifa and barret aswell? i got no clue what so ever what they do but im pretty sure it would come in handy? and just a hunch, i dunno if those abilities use mp aswell but i guess u could use them once awhile when the thunder spell isnt ehh life depening? this was just my honest thoughts suzy :) no bitching or blameing here :) u keep going girl! :)
Keicho03, 07 May 2020 - 5:05am
cmon suzy, we want reaction to naruto shippudden!° :D
RJ, 07 May 2020 - 1:17am
Suzy, please consider doing a slow playthrough. we know how much you waited for this and we are loving to see you playing it. i would like to see you enjoying every single part of this game
doing all sidequests. see you grinding to make your characters stronger. exploring every single part of the wall market. i really would like to hear all your possible thoughts on this Masterpiece
just how i like to see you watching the fillers on Naruto,because the fillers are good but specially cause i love to hear your thoughts on every episode of that show i would like as well to see you playing this game the way you would play if you weren't not recording. doing everything that you wanna do. taking your time. you're always fun to watch,don't worry about it being boring to us