Beast Titan - Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 1 Reaction


Anne had transformed into a titan often enough to be considerable better it it than Eren; when and where did she practice? The Beast Titan is intelligent but unfamiliar with ODM gear. Conclusion: there are people who live outside the walls, and they are hostile.
This season takes place over the span of two days. Right now, it's just the day after Eren fought Annie.
No suzy, titans aren't strong enough to break through the walls. As it was mentioned in s1, the gates are the only area of the wall the colossal can break since its not the wall itself rather its a cavity in the wall. So yeah, the titan won't be able to break the wall.
Don't forget to watch OVAs(no regrets and ilse's notebook) first
before you watch season 2
Don't forget to watch OVAs(no regrets and ilse's notebook) first
before you watch season 2
akn, 27 Feb 2021 - 6:25pm
She's not gonna because it's not dubbed, which is a stupid reason
that is the dumbest reason I have ever heard in my life, and ova is really important to understand Levi and his past
U think it makes more sense that they put Titans in the wall rather than built the wall around the Titans ?
1. Remember the titans are only able to move when there is sunlight, not at nighttime, that’s why they covered the wall titan because if left long enough he would begin to move and would break his section of the wall.

2. I enjoy this season more as we get to spend time with erens other friends who we didn’t see much of in season 1. Reiner, bertholdt, Connie, Sasha, Ymir and christa

3. Connie didn’t speak up because he was concerned for his village including his family
The only skill Miche lacked was composure. He lost his composure when he saw the beast Titan throw the horse. That is why he is second to Levi. Levi would have stay calmed in such a situation, but if he had the intel on beast titan as the rest later had he would have killed it without problems for sure beast titan is only good on range if you manage to fuck up his distance he is done for. Unfortunutally it was confirmited that author killed miche due to plot, and you will realize that later :)
Without spoiling too much, the beast titan wanted the ODM gear and killed miche after stealing it so he can't tell anyone about their encounter.