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I'm glad you watched this movie. I loved it when it came out. It really pulls on the heart strings. I also recommend checking out A Silent Voice (Shape of Voice) as well Its really good.
jun, 22 Dec 2021 - 6:46am
In a lot of asian cultures, chopping off the hair represents starting over or fresh. In Mizuha's case, she was letting go of Taki cause he likes his coworker and set them up on a date.
Great movie and great reaction. You guys should watch “weathering with you” its written and directed by the same guys who did this movie if I’m not mistaken and is another master piece.
I am so glad y'all loved this movie both of y'all are super cute together!!! Me and my wife felt the exact same way y'all did when we saw it in theaters. It's just one of those movies that sticks with you for a dam good while after the credits roll.

Since y'all loved this movie I might suggest "Weathering with you" it's not a direct sequel to this movie but it happens in the same universe!

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