Love and Potato Chips! - Boruto Episode 7 Reaction



I am glad you are looking healthier. I only watch dubbed anime thank you for your reactions 💜
Oh no she forgot orochimaru was resurrected by sasuke during the war lmao . He’s the one who brought back the 4 hokages
Why would you assume Naruto could see it? He doesn't have any visual powers that we're aware of. Of course if he went into sage mode or 9 tails mode he'd probably be able to sense it without even leaving his desk. But this isn't his story right? lol.
This episode showed that when the chips are down you can count on Cho-Cho. XD
orochimaru was reborn with sasuke's help during the great ninja war vs madara and obito. He was the one resurrecting all the hokage. Seems like you have already forgotten that fact.