Transformation - Demon Slayer 2 Episode 14 Reaction


Don’t trust anyones first appearance they’re is more depth to many of the upper demons they still deserve to die tho :(
I thought that in the earlier episode where Nezuko was fitting into her box, she was transforming between her adult size and child size. So, although she was turned into a demon when she was a child, her full demon form is an adult version of Nezuko.
basically her form is a reflection of her power.

shes usually in child form as a way to conserve energy, but can grow to become stronger.....

though that's clearly not without risks
Uzui said that Daki wasn’t the one he was looking for because she was too weak, he had no idea about the brother till he emerged from her back. He only said that because he thought the demon that was there was a lot stronger than she was