Defeating an Upper Rank Demon - Demon Slayer S2 Episode 16 Reaction


Terrific episode!! Also just wanted to let you know that it was announced that the final episode for this season will be about 40-45 minutes long. See you again next week. :)
.PAIN., 01 Feb 2022 - 9:55am
Not to say that Tengen weak, he just get poisoned and still can fight for that long.. poor Uzui.
Just when you thought they had it and were turning the fucking stabs you in the heart. Literally. (?)

RE: The episode title was apparently (directly translated from Japanese) "IF we defeat an upper rank demon."

Either way, it was definitely a bait and switch title.
But for real this season is...intense. Each of the last 5 episodes has left me like NO YOU CANT WAHT NO(#&$*()#&UR%T*()OIWJHNFIKO*()@&$)

It's bonkers. I've been watching anime pretty consistently for almost 15 years and this season of Demon Slayer is...up there. Top 5 probably.
Oh as soon as I saw this animated compared to the manga I was loosing my shit, they’ve been going absolutely crazy with the animation and don’t worry anyone I won’t spoil anything coming up