Cruelty - Demon Slayer Episode 1 Reaction


Abby, 05 Mar 2021 - 11:12am
Never watched this anime in english. That demon slayer who I won't name, have the same voice actor as Lelouch from code Geass. So good to hear his voice again.
I’m barely watching these reactions of yours, I’ve been watching your Naruto reactions but since I don’t have the VIP I’ll have to wait a day to watch the new ones so I’m going to watch your demon slayer reactions even tho I’ve watched it on subtitles in Hulu. I never watched them on dub
Jun (not verified), 30 Jan 2020 - 3:21am
You should watch The Promise Neverland. Its really good. It has only 12 episode.
King Roald (not verified), 30 Jan 2020 - 12:32am
Nice you start this serie!