Mount Natagumo - Demon Slayer Episode 15 Reaction


It's a good idea to wait on the movie trailer. Unlike most anime movies this one adapts an arc in the manga, so it's cannon. Think of it as season 1.5. It also has characters you wouldn't know yet.
Damn the episode-hype-spoilery-comment is real in the comments. If you build up hype for an episode in the comments, and she reads it, it will be less of an organic reaction people.
That ship has already sailed unfortunately, people started mentioning episode 19 really early so she knows about it. I agree that it's better to not talk about future episodes AT ALL.
I don't know if u noticed but the guy u said looked like Inosuke is the guy Tanjiro met in the first episode.
So happy you realeased this one a bit faster I hope you can release them sooner as watching them closer together makes each episode that much better ESPECIALLY NOW from 15-19