Hashira Meeting - Demon Slayer Episode 23 Reaction


I think it would be fitting if you go for ''Jujutsu Kaisen'' next as not many short series can come close to demon slayer, ''Jujutsu Kaisen'' is one of them in my opinion.
You should look into
“The rising of the shield hero “ it’s really good , drama , excitements, the works . It would be amazing for you to react to
If you haven't seen it I think Death Note would be absolutely amazing as a reaction series. It's a little long at 37 episodes but it's prime reaction content. Hunter x Hunter (2011) is maybe at the top of my list but idk how it's dub is, it's also long at like 128 episodes. Attack on Titan would be amazing to react to for sure, very intense show. FMA brotherhood is a really good reaction series, 60 something episodes. Also Magi would be great, but it's not as well known universally like those other shows.
We've heard Nezuko speak in the first episode (before she became a demon) and again in episode 19.
Also I animes I recommend (that aren't super long) are: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Assassination Classroom, Soul Eater, and Attack on Titan.
hmmm a small one obviously Bleach is out of the question lol plus I wouldn't recommend another long one until you finish Naruto at least Shippuden and original Naruto filler. The only shows I can think of that is short you may like is only Snow White with the Red Hair and Tales of Zestiria X since you liked Velvet Crowe's hair from the Tales of Berseria demo and you played a little of the start of the game watching this Tales of Zestiria X show you might enjoy. The only other show I can think of is ongoing so I don't even know how long it'll go on, but maybe you'd be interested in Black Clover it has 126 episodes at the moment dubbed which is 6 episodes behind subbed and it used to be around 2 episodes behind until Coronavirus slowed the pace. Black Clover has alot of good openings and endings I enjoy and it has Chris Sabat (who voices All-Might) and Justin Briner (voice of Izuku Midoriyia aka Deku). Based on what you think about the show Naruto, I believe you may like this.
Reading the other comments reminded me of other stuff i watched and that's a lot Akama ga Kill it was good while it lasted but there were some things I wasn't a big fan of overall a good score though. Avatar: The Last Airbender was on Nicktoons so I don't think its actually Japanese anime, instead I get a more Chinese vibe from it. Oban Star Racers and Jackie Chan Adventures (very long series though) shows were both on a channel I think on DisneyXD although back then it was under the name Jetix.
top 3 candidate choices for me would be Dr. Stone, Snow White with the Red Hair, and Tales of Zestiria X. Black Clover is my favorite show to watch it at the moment. I have tried One Piece (just as long as Naruto shippuden) and Attack on Titan(how long it is I don't know but I believe 4 seasons worth?)... unfortunately didn't see the appeal of either of them and as for Hunter x Hunter might look promising I only saw episode 1 so far though so not making the cut in recommendations at the moment. You mentioned that you like Dragon Ball Z or the remastered Kai version, so a good recommendation is Dragon Ball Super (its long though but you do like Dragon Ball Z with Buu as the last saga you've seen so maybe?), just so you know Dragon Ball GT came out before Super and while they appear not connected time of events they may connect in a future series.
No, at this point Tanjirou was far from being as good as the others siting there.
Also you can't say he fought the "main bad guy", he just met him.
Zabz, 27 Jun 2020 - 5:43pm
You need to watch Attack on Titan, its simply a modern day masterpiece you will love it.