Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri - Demon Slayer Episode 25 Reaction


Suggestions for new animes to watch:
1. Death Note
2. Great Teacher Onizuka
3. Grand Blue
4. Fairy Tail
5. Black Clover
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Please, watch Death Note next. It's an awesome anime and it has only 37 episodes. I'm sure you will love it.
The Carpet Beater, is exactly what its name suggests, beat a carpet with it, it was also used on other stuff like clothes, rugs, etc

Anyway the purpose is to get rid of the dust while the thing is hanged, its mostly obsolete now, having been replaced with other stuff like vacuum

Has for what she referred with the Snapping Sound, it wasnt literal, she basically meant that something broke inside her, if i were to guess, it was her will, since like mentioned, she basically cant do anything or decide anything on her own anymore, as well has losing her emotions (not literally but rather she represses them) has a result you could say she acts like a machine, requiring command from her superiors or her coin to be able to "make" decisions
And it’s not insulting to mix flame breathing with fire breathing lol . It’s just that they’re not the same thing and should never be referred to as the same thing .
Remember shinobu told kanao to go train with tanjiro and the others , she was given the coin to be able to make decisions on her own . So she flipped the coin to decide if she would go train with the boys or not . As you saw it landed on the side that meant she’s not going to train with them and walked away .