Down the Rabbit Hole & Back Again - Inuyasha Episode 3 Reaction



i really hope you react to all of this in videos even though i started watching for naruto inuyasha is my favorite anime by far im a sap for love stories
Ok I know I've already commented on this vid, but I just wanted to say, I've just started Final Act, and this story went so much further than I thought it would when I left my last comment. It's so amazing, and I really want to see your reactions to it, even if it's only a reaction a month or whatever, I just really want to see you go through this magical world too. Sorry if this is a little emotional, but I just really hope you can continue this.
im glad you started inuyasha i know your busy with other reactions and i enjoy those but i cant wait for more of inuyasha its the anime that got me into anime
Missing Inuyasha reactions its been awhile since the 3rd episode react. Inuyasha was the 2nd anime that I had ever seen and what got me into anime aside from Ninja Scrolls. Soft place in my heart for this show.
Oh Suzy, I am soooo happy you are doing Inuyasha! It is such an interesting anime and the dynamic between the characters is really fun! Cannot wait for the next one!!