Joining Up! - Kaiju No 8 Episode 5 Reaction


One thing I think that’s interesting to note is Kafka always washed out during the 2nd phase of the exam which was the physical fitness portion. He never made it to the 3rd round where they test how much power you can draw out of the suit. Those suits are made of Kaiju material and are made to synchronise with and enhance the human body

In short we don’t know if the reason Kafka sucks at drawing out the suits power is because he has zero talent and aptitude, or if it’s because he’s now a Kaiju and incompatible with the suits design

Or to look at it another way Kafka is already fused with a Kaiju meaning he’s essentially already wearing a suit 24/7 and doing his best to keep it turned off, while at the same time putting on another suit on top of that and trying to draw out its power

Those are the only explanations that make sense since, at least on paper, Kafka being able to control his Kaiju powers should give him a natural advantage when controlling the suits powers. In order for him to be this bad he either has to have the worst aptitude in history or there’s an X factor that’s preventing him from properly using the suit
Why is that weird, she’s the youngest in the division and Kafka’s the oldest, Mina is also over a decade older than Kikoru. Kafka always acted like an older brother to Mina when they were kids, and with the other recruits who are all younger than him. I don’t see how any of that is weird