Recklessness - Naruto Shippuden Episode 491 Reaction


You need to get the 500 cap to finish Naruto! Please keep going, you are not done yet! :(
What a strange way to end Naruto Shippuden I wonder if Boruto will answer what happened to Sai and if Shikamaru completed the mission.
This is taking to long, when is she going to finish this series. I am very ancy to know what her next project is. She does not have to upload reaction to all these novel adaptation episodes.

seems like the schedule changed from like once a week now
DJay, 28 Jan 2021 - 12:21am
Wait did Naruto shippuden really end with Shikamarus death?!?!?!?!?!?
according to naruto's official timeline the events of the shikamaru arc is set 2+ years after the end of the manga(or 479 in the anime) but before "naruto: the last".

the sasuke arc is mention to occur "several years after the fourth great ninja wars" and naruto and hinata's wedding is somewhere unknown in the 12 years gap between chapter 699 of the manga(aka 479 in the anime) and chapter 700 which is the last chapter of the manga which shows naruto already married to hinata, having boruto and himawari and already become the hokage

in case you're wondering: boruto's name doesn't have special meaning but himawari means sunflower
you're not quite right. Boruto was named after his uncle. Boruto means "Bolt" and Neji means "Screw".
RJ, 26 Jan 2021 - 1:09am
pretty dark moments in this episode with Shikamaru's PTSD and Ro's PTSD.
Soku and Ro are pretty interesting new characters. specially Soku in my opinion.
your reactions to everything that happened when Sai appeared on this episode
were amazing. i'm so happy that you're reacting to these last episodes.
i like this arc and i'm loving to hear all your thoughts on this Shikamaru arc.
i love that we can see your journey watching these last arcs and we all can be part
of these adventure with you. thank you for react to these arcs. its being awesome.
so many great reactions that you had on Sasuke arc and now on Shikamaru's arc