The Relentless Knight - Sword Art Online S3 Episode 15 Reaction


RJ, 24 Feb 2021 - 6:33pm
that was the best episode of Sword Art Season 3 to see your reactions so far,
such a good episode. surprising plot twists, epic fight and great animations.
GstnC, 24 Feb 2021 - 6:30pm
Hi suzy, I'm happy cause you back to sao!
I invite you to see Eugeo's Enhanced Armament in Japanese, I know you don't like this but it is very very iconic!
Greetings for Argentina!
This shows that these knights have personalities and wills and are not just Quinella's toys you'll see much more development for them in the second part of the story hopefully learn to love them especially a certain blonde tsundere thats what I love about alicization you get to explore different characters and not just give Kirito the spotlight instead having him take back seat just like in Mother's Rosario even If it states that Eugeo and Alice are the protagonists of this arc it still shows development for other characters Right now the protagonist is Eugeo who is getting the most development on his quest to find his childhood friend and bring her home Kirito is right there as support or in Rath's words to influence Eugeo and Alice his simulated childhood friends but my opinion his real and only childhood friends since he was a loner IRL after finding out that he was adopted so thats what makes this season fun to me the relationship between those two boys is a direct parallel to the relationship between asuna and Yuki
Why do you answer every comment on here? Are you a website mod? Or just an over excited fan?
Suzy, if you think this episode was filled with action wait till you watch episodes 16 thru 24! After that, season 4 is even more awesome! The English dub is now complete and is available online.
since she reacts to dvds who knows when war of underworld will be available on DVD english dubed Knowing how emotional anime makes her who knows how she will feel after episode 24 with that epic cliffhanger I had to wait 7 months for part 2 in english subed during the half point break
Luckily shes doing two episodes a week again rotating with AOT then I guess she will take a break from the Alicization arc till war of Underworld english dubed comes out on DVD
Master, 23 Feb 2021 - 12:23am
Animation is season 3 is amazing but wait for season 4 it's even better!!