Confession - Death Note Episode 13 Reaction



Dinosaurtime_YT, 08 Sep 2020 - 7:28pm
Why is this episode still VIP exclusive, I thought that all the Death note episodes were made public in September
Dinosaurtime_YT, 09 Sep 2020 - 8:34am
tha'ts dumb. just proves that Suzy is very money hungry,
SShura, 09 Sep 2020 - 3:59pm
sad but true also my other account banned after i wrote the same thing and my comment deleted .
Dinosaurtime_YT, 09 Sep 2020 - 5:04pm
this episode is not even here yet, it should be.
I'm no stranger to calling Suzy out when she has bad takes due to missing information in episodes she watched, but to call this decision dumb and money hungry seems unreasonable. This is her actual job and we already get like 3-5 series for free. It's common sense that there would be SOME kind of perk for people that go the extra mile and support with actual money. And it's not even like people watching for free will NEVER see her Death Note reactions. You're just seeing them a month later than those who paid. So you'll still get them for free...all it takes is a little patience...

And just to be clear, I am NOT a VIP member. I watch for free just like some of you. I just think it's only reasonable to give some kind of perk to people who pay actual money. If you're unwilling or unable, at least you'll still get the content eventually.
imagine being this salty when you just have to wait a little bit longer, you don't have to pay ANYTHING. she could have made it VIP only forever (which isn't even greedy btw), but Suzy made it so people can watch it for free. She is also releasing MHA and Naruto alongside Death Note so it's so rotten to complain at all.
Dinosaurtime_YT, 13 Sep 2020 - 12:14pm
Suzy is the dumb one, why do i have to say my FULL ADDRESS in order to get VIP access? so dumb. Also, its not like she is doing this for free. she still gets money from the ads.
wiiztec, 27 Aug 2020 - 4:22am
Suzy you absolutely NEED to start sitting like L! drag an armchair in from another room if that's what it takes.
Light is like the Edge of anime protagonists. The rated R superstar. The guy you love to hate because he is such a bastard.
Mike, 14 Aug 2020 - 5:40pm
They are - to the right man. So it's really not about the woman, it's about the man

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