Confrontation - Death Note Episode 2 Reaction



I just want to know how nobody else in the house heard Light yelling at his tv. Especially if his mom and sister were watching it too. Like how did they not hear him? Another plot hole, i guess.
Just dramatization of anime.
In the same way that characters, when they are motivated, start to release an aura (not necessarily characters with powers, sports animes have this all the time).
It's just the way the anime wants to pass the emotion, it doesn't mean it's happening literally.
In short, Light was not, in fact, screaming like crazy, it's just what the anime needed to show.
Light was sloppy at first because he wanted people to know he existed, but like you said he did not predict that someone like L would be able to narrow down where he was so quickly
My favorite part of Death Note, is how it show cases the different POV's on what Justice is. Which can be related back to the PAIN arc in Naruto Shippuden. "You have your justice, and I have mine".
Terry, 05 Aug 2020 - 2:46pm
My biggest pet peeve is the say Light is a "genius" but he almost exclusively makes dumb decisions that lead him closer to getting caught. Also L isn't a genius either, he has the intelligence of an average detective
N0, 01 Sep 2020 - 7:35pm
bruh. no ordinary person can stop WW3 from happening besides L and he did that when he was 8 or in his younger age. Not to mention, geniuses exist irl.
learning you were goign top react to death note? Iwaited but at the same time i couldnt wait for the videos to come out on youtube.

I admit the first time i watch death note was the japanes movie live action adaptation and even there I was losing my mind too thining "this guy is good! and he is so fast at narrowing down where Kira is!"

after finishing the deathnote series I suggest you watch the movies too. NOT the american live action. The 2 part Japanese verion.
Rumpel, 04 Aug 2020 - 9:09pm
damn suzy what about to all the people who can't pay for vip 😕 it sucks for those who can't pay for vip
Death Note is amazing. It is such a well written story. L's ownage of Light at the end there is the GREATEST example of "show, don't tell". Glad you picked up this series ^_^
Yes, Suzy, This is by far one of the most popular, well liked, and is truely a masterpiece. If you look at everyone's top 5 list that watch shonen shows, 93% of them have death note there. Death note is my #3.

I also was hooked after the 2nd episode. :D I am loving your reaction. It is just like mine.
There's no point in doing reaction videos on something you've already watched :/
idk what he's saying either but i love your interesting perspectives on the show, i can't say if they are right or wrong but you got some good thoughts on the show, love your reactions!

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