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You should get the Death Note data book, it's called Death Note 13: How to Read. It has character bios, interviews with the artist and author giving behind the scenes detail of the story/characters, all the rules of the Death Note, and much more. It also reveals L's real name. It's a must get for any big Death Note fan.
In the manga, Light doesn't run away. He begs Ryuk to kill them, and Ryuk starts writing. They all shoot Ryuk, but he is immune to any injury. Everybody panics, except Near I think, and Light laughs at having finally won, nobody being able to stop Ryuk.

That's when Ryuk tells Light that it's his name he wrote. Light begs him to erase his name, but Ryuk laughs and says that there is nobody better than him to know that it is impossible.

Until the end, Ryuk was never on Light's side. And what he promised him, to kill him in the end, he finally does. With the missing flashback on the existence of heaven and hell.
I think it's a shame that they removed this conversation between Light & Ryuk, showing that Light has lost all his friends, or at least the people he trusted.

There is also an alternative ending where Light becomes president, and when he arrives in the world of the Shinigami, he takes the pain of all his murders, before continuing his ascent to the King of the Shinigami. But this ending is obviously not canonical.

And there's a spin-off in our current world that came out earlier this year, with Trump, social networks, cameras and so on. Making it harder to use the Death Note.
Kayox, 06 Oct 2020 - 1:48pm
In the one shot of death note light was described as a mass murderer, the worst in recent history but people think he was a God. He was evil, yes but he completed his objective because he eliminated wars and greatly reduced crime rates
Matsuda's a VIP! He was already my number one favorite character from the very beginning. And after this finale, I love him even more!

Please consider checking out the Japanese live-action Death Note movies and the live-action Japanese mini-series. These are really good, imo, especially the mini-series. Also, watch the Death Note musical. The entire thing can be found on YouTube.
This didn't show the full ending of what happened to light after he died, there is five minutes they cut out that you can find on YouTube or on the short movie you should look at
You talking about Light becoming a shinigami? That's just a fan theory, nothing was ever confirmed.
KEI, 18 Sep 2020 - 6:06pm
Good thing is that Misa and Light doesn't go to heaven or hell....they'll probably become shinigami together and be a couple again in the shinigami realm!! lol
And here is my honest opinion....
Near (wannabe L) and Mello are such trash characters...the only things I didn't like about this anime. Light should've lost to L, not to some brat who doesn't come close to either L's or Light's level.
He caught Kira only because of the info gathered by L.... if they continued the story with L, this story would've been EVEN BETTER, or at least another better character instead of Near/Mello
Gentlemen it was an honor to see this anime until the end with you, I must say it was my first time watching Death Note, I watched a chapter on Netflix and then I watched it again here.
I will still see it again when I have the opportunity to show it to a friend.
Mary, 13 Sep 2020 - 7:53am
Misa died because most her life span got taken. So I think she commited suicide. And why Light was laying in the middle of the stairs, represents him not going to Heaven nor Hell.
Well there's no telling how long she had left. She could have had a lot of time left in her lifespan even after halfing it twice because she gained both Gelus's and Rem's remaining life span when they each saved her. So potentially she could have had thousands of years left, it just depends on how much lifespan Rem and Gelus had garnered up from killing humans.
Team L, but after his death I became team Kira. In my opinion, L was the only one who deserved to defeat Light.
Suzy lu 2 things
1. If you caught it the stair well is a significant ending cause he died in the middle signifying he didn’t go to heaven or hell
2 . If you haven’t seen it u should see the deleted scene of L’s funeral to fully complete this chapter

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