New Mission - Demon Slayer Episode 26 Reaction


There’s still another season and the movie ofc so not an ending lol. But also how bout Kanao falling in love with Tanjaro in 2 min he a smooth man for sure.
suzy. all the hate ppl have for fillers. long cliffhangers and gabs between seasons is basicly what u get with no fillers :P and personaly. i rather have fillers than a huge gab between seasons. but i guess thats my taste. but i do prefer something over nothing. atleast if i allready love the chars like in naruto demon slayer, bleach or sword art. too name some with fillers and some without. and if u dont wanna watch em. there is gonna be a gab either way. either durring the season or between each season. ofc it differs how long the gab is from anime too anime.. but still
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Make sure before you watch season 2 you watch the movie cuz it is part of the story you won't get the story if you don't watch the movie the movie should be coming out before season 2
season 2 should be coming out in the summer of 2021, but the demon slayer movie is a continuation of season 1. so it looks like it's gonna be canon. unforunately, the subbed/dubbed version of the movie might not be released until the spring of 2021
I'm still recommending Attack on Titan, Deathnote, or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood over anything else. I've seen these on other people's lists too, so I'm hopeful.
Actually Suzy the good news is we do know when the movie adaptation of the next arc is. It's being released October 16th of this year.
Attack on titans has dubs too... she should watch it.... why isn't anybody recommending it?
Nope... she doesn't make any sense during his recovery and training it shows us how much stronger plus we get to just laugh, but no for her to be pleased its always battle battle battle. Plus if there was a fight in this episode would have ended most likely with the battle still ongoing which is a worst cliff hanger in my opinion. Plus we know the movie is going to continue on the story after season 1 and given the past anime movies, this will be very exciting to watch.
I hope when the time comes, you go ahead and react to the movie. Even if it has to be in parts
Most likely, ive seen people react to movies before and they basically cut over half of the movie
I think the ending was fine personally. The Demon Slayer reactions were spaced out so you could focus on Naruto and other things so maybe that's why it felt like ages since anything happened.

When you watch all 26 episodes straight through or in a short amount of time I don't think it feels like that. Besides like you said you hate cliff hangers and I do too, nothing worse for them to hop on the train to fight the demon only to wait months for the movie to continue the fight.
jun, 09 Jul 2020 - 11:14pm
Not sure if the dub had it because the next arc continues with the movie but there should have been a teaser for the movie at the end of this episode. They might have taken out the movie announcement in this since it's unknown when the dub version of the movie will come out.

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