It's About Time - Invincible Episode 1 Reaction



To everyone saying the season isn't still airing. I am pretty sure this reaction is like a month old when it was still airing. She is just uploading it now. She has to edit and stuff.
I mean she straight up mentions 8 Episodes, so its likely that she didnt knew the season was already finished
I did a hour and a half of research on this show, I will pass.
Suzy, and fellow patrons, how about Fairy Gone as a show to react to? On the plus side it does an outstanding job of depicting friendship and leadership and tells an interesting story about seeking justice in an imperfect world; plus it is relatively short. Since overall I love this show (my first beginning to end anime) I will only cite two negatives, rifle armed soldiers who could not hit the broadside of a barn, from the inside, and a main character who is reluctant to be a `main character` (in a poorly written way) for most of the episodes.
i am not sure about mind reading do you really want to know what sick and twisted thoughts people have in their heads? you could not have any friends with this super power i would pick teleportation if that power calculates with earth movement so i would teleport and then find myself two kilometers in the air and start falling :D
DJay, 11 May 2021 - 12:17pm
"I need to pick a favorite" 😂....also suzy saying "My fish!" reminds me of a little girl and her pet fish 😂
DJay, 11 May 2021 - 11:30am
Still airing?? I'm pretty sure there's only 8 episodes. Also we've been recommending Black Clover too 😩😭