Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out - Invincible Episode 4 Reaction



DJay, 08 Jul 2021 - 3:42pm
They're not trying to raise suspicion on Omni man because they don't have a way to beat him in case they're right. Omni man is the most powerful being on Earth right now soo if he suspects they know he could easily wipe them out.
Shes been holding this series for a while, and its shorter than OPM, she should finish this first
I guess she should finish OPM S1 (5 episodes left) first since people are already invested in it. Then she can finish off Invincible (4 episodes left) and move on to My Hero.
or do them both at the same time.... they are short episodes can litterally do both in one day.
finally!!! Thank you Suzy. I hope it's consistant with the last 4 episodes of this series.