One For All - My Hero Academia S3 Episode 11 Reaction


oh my gosh this was such a wholesome reaction. I loved seeing everyone cheer for all might, gives me chills every time. endeavors line to all might about showing them why hes better was so good as well
I gotta say, of all the reactions of suzy’s I’ve witnessed. This one just might be my favorite one for all.
rem, 26 May 2021 - 2:33am
His name is ''All for one'' ofc he's the creator. Might have to go back and watch season 2 ep 20
Season 2 episode 19: "Listen up a tale from the past!" is the episode where All Might explains to Midoriya about the origins of One For All. In the episode All Might credits All For One's younger brother as being the person who first created One for All.

In this episode All For One, credits himself as the creator of One For All for the first time, which would be correct as it was his ability that allowed the power of his brother to pass on quirks and the stockpiling power to merge and form One For All as it is today.

You have reacted to the episode before (obviously as you have a full season's worth of reactions) but you said that the episode had a lot of info to remember and it does.
suzy it was mention in season 2 episode 2 or 3 when all might talks to midoriya about history of one for all that all for one gave his younger brother who was quirkless new quirk which later become one for all when it fuse with brother hidden quirk to pass on his quirk to another person
Wow, so all for one took in shigaraki, manipulated and trained him for years just for a troll moment.