Save the World with Love! - My Hero Academia S3 Episode 20 Reaction


See this episode was the first reference to what was going to come in the movie that you were SUPPOSED to watch after Season 3 was over, or at the least after this episode came out. It's a bonus episode that only exists to promote the first movie.

I dunno who convinced you to watch the first movie before season 3, but they were wrong. The show specifically sets you up to watch the movie NOW, not before all of Season 3. You got confused in a lot of areas because you did it out of order and whoever told you to watch the movie first is to blame for that.
Actually this episode and the movie take place before the training camp begins. So if you’re watching everything in order then you would actually watch this episode and then the movie before the start of season 2. Even though the movie is cannon with the manga because it was written retroactively there aren’t going to be any references to it in season 3 and that’s what’s confusing her. Whoever told her to watch it before season 3 was correct, but they should have included this episode and had her skip the promotional intro and outro