Journey's End - Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 22


Sword Art Alternative is a fun one to watch it would be good to watch it before the movie its more about GGO.
Please watch Sword Art Alternative GGO before the movie or season 3! There are so many relevant things that happen from season 2 and sao alt GGO that fit in place. And it gives u Happy story compared to the normal SOA story.

Please watch it before!
Sleeping Knights <3

So years ago I made the mistake of reading the original light novel chapter of this part at work. Needless to say I burst into tears right there and then. Later on when I watched this episode, I cried all over again ;______;
Gotta give major props to Cherami Leigh (Asuna) and Erika Mendez (Yuuki) for their performances in this episode, and especially for a certain episode coming up. Yuuki is still one of my favorite characters, and is my third favorite girl of the series (falling behind Sinon and Asuna).
Can you please say her name right? No mean to be rude. But it pronounced " Ah su nah" in asian languages for the most part the letter "A" is pronounced, " Ah"
Glad you're doing the rest of the series every other day. You're gonna love the remainder of it. Friendly reminder, at the end of Season 2, there is an epilogue that takes place AFTER the credits roll. Make sure to watch that.
Crud the tears are coming again T__T Yeah most people by this episode get the meaning of the Sleeping Knights guild. And it shows the potential of full dive technology such as this to help with people like Yuuki. Even with all the dark sides of virtual reality that has been pointed in the series, we do got to keep eyes open on the positive sides of it. Thank you for an amazing reaction! ^^
Without going into spoilers, go easy on the makeup on the SAO2 finale. You’re going to want to have the ability to cry. The Mother’s Rosario arc never really gets much easier to watch, and I’ve watched it countless times. That being said, the first time I watched I was an emotional wreck for most of the next day because I was so blindsided by it. That being said, it’s also one of the best arcs because of how it changes Asuna.
Wanted to say that as well. She probably shouldnt have any makeup when she watches it
All man, this is my fourth time watching this episode again. Doesn't make this any less painful to watch. *the tears are coming again*.
I know that this may not make you feel better but I think that full dive technology may be possible in our lifetime. Then something like a "medickiboid" might be a better alternative than Hospice facilities using powerful drugs for pain relief. A person like a "Yuuki Kono" would be considered a true real life hero for having the courage to test it so that others could benefit from it. Thank you, for having the courage to share your feelings. Also, I am really looking forward to watching your VIP exclusive reaction series in August!