Unrivaled - My Hero Academia S3 Episode 25 Reaction


These last two episodes were actually the start of the first arc of season 4. So if you’re going to be watching one punch man for the next few weeks I would recommend rewatching these episodes since season 4 picks up right where this episode left off
david was all might's sidekick while he was at the USA, they're talking about his sidekick when he returned to japan who worked with him until his injury. I won't say more as to not spoil you but season 4 is the best season so far it's not even a competion.

One Punch man is great, it's has 2 season 12 episodes each so rather short but it's nothing like MHA rather it's a parody on super heroes so it's more comedic than action but it got plenty of both.

really hope someday you'll consider One Piece, it's so good, you'll fall in love with it so fast
Yes and no. Because it’s not finished and we’ll be here forever waiting her to react to each episode. I was already surprised she was going through all of shippuden. Even I am taking forever slowly going through the Onepiece. Im like near the very beginning, still trying to decide whether to commit or not.
Booo! Lol super bummed you arent going straight to season four ill probably renew my vip when you come back to MHA or another good anime only becuz personally im not a big fan of animes that are a joke. One Punch Man was ok to watch once and there might only be one or two moments I'd want to seen you react too. So ill just peep those when they're available on you YT channel.
Other then that....I loved MOST of the work you do........ but till you come around to ones I am more interested in ill have to step back. I looked forward too possibly supporting you in the future tho ✌🏽.
I recommend to jump into season 4 since it's just as good as season 3. And it's the main anime on your Channel imo
Not really into OPM but I can't wait for you to get into season 4 as my favorite pro hero is introduced and the Mirio is just the coolest! Seriously! Love the reactions and can't wait for you to get back to MHA!
Yes we know who his sidekick is suzy! They showed him towards the end of this ep briefly! He had the glasses! Not the guy with the plague doctor mask though!

Also, BOOOOOO! I wanna watch you watch season 4 NOOOOOW! XD Welp I'll watch the current season 5 till then.
In my opinion, I think you shouldn't have mentioned who All Mights' sidekick was to her as it would have been a cool surprise in season four like it was for me and many others, but any who I ain't here to knock ya :)

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