Hero - Attack On Titan S3 Episode 17 Reaction


Suzyy why you cut to much of the fighting I cant see the reaction properly with the big cuts on epic moments like that
Amazing reaction. Honestly my favorite episode of this series. Just packed full of emotions.
Suzy Levi did not hesitate he wanted to give the serum to
One of the soldiers still alive so they could
Live and become the beast titan
You didnt know, there is a film attack on titan, two parts. But it is so lame and cringy, Hard to Watch. My first introduction with aot was through the movies but i throught it is not worth watching but then i watched the anime and changed my mind
Levi did NOT hesitate at all, beast titan can be in their hands and it is very important + they could save 1 person from death that way so it is actually triple win, get titan shifter power, get rid of Zeke and one person survives that is no hesitation at all, that is called smart play but as Levi once said you never know how things will work out in the end.
Suzy I'm only going to post this comment twice haha, but you should really check out and review castlevania on netflix. The first season is only four episodes, so you could just do a special mini surprise for everyone. And that way you can also see how you like the first season. And it's not that big of a commitment. Just trying to give ya some ideas! ☺️
The Battle of Shiganshina is an excellent depiction of how a superior force loses a battle. Very generally, Zeke planned the battle, Smith fought it, - since no plan survives contact with the enemy - advantage Smith.

Zeke's plan was overly-complicated, it invited defeat in detail. His plan depended on Reiner following orders, he should have known better. Zeke just recently fought with and beat the shit out of Reiner for arguing about orders. While Zeke, Reiner and Bertholdt had a conversation about how dangerous Levi is apparently they never talked about Smith at all and very little about Eren.

Zeke assumed once his clever trap was sprung Eren would either run or hide, Reiner, Zeke's subordinate, was thrown into confusion when Eren showed himself earlier than expected. - No contingency planning here.- Remember Suzy's comment "You honestly thought that we were not going to use Eren?" Smith was supposed to curl into a ball and give-up, certainly Zeke didn't think Smith was still trying to win.

Talk about not knowing your enemies.

Remember Zeke mocking Annie as "practicing her kicks or something" he should, with shame, then again cowards love mocking the brave. Zeke was totally unprepared to fight Levi because he is to much of a coward to face that possibility.

If I was Zeke's boss I'd be feeding him to a feral titan right about now.
He isnt a coward though, he is smart, he knows his strength was long range, not close one, why would he face the Corps directly where he would be in danger (Specially that amount) and not in range where he can easily wiped them out before they even get close to him, Zeke already knows the weapons the corps use, he even stole one before, Zeke even goes as far as to say he wants a "perfect game", he wanted to completely wipe them out.

As for Annie, again, Zeke is smart, he likely figure out the whole thing about her being tortured was bs, and is level headed as well, not letting sentiment get in the way of the main objective, which is getting Eren, even going as far to threaten Reiner if he kept trying to do otherwise.

He was ultimately the one that though of the plan that wiped the Survey Corps almost entirely after all.

Dont confuse strategy with cowardice.
It appears Zeke did little or no practice in defending himself against scouts. Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt had ideas on how Titans can fight scouts, remember they, especially Annie, never had a opportunity to practice in titan form, Zeke did. I believe I am correct Zeke did not practice very much because he is too cowardly to face the prospect of close combat with a scout, his comment about Annie reveals his attitude. I never said he should have soughtout close combat.
Dude, wtf are you even talking about? Why you assuming season 1 is the first time Annie used her titan form, same for reiner and etc. They obviously have a past that's not revealed yet.
You missed the main point - practice against scouts, being prepared to fight them, including being mentally prepared, Annie was Zeke was not. Give the ease of Annie transformations I'm sure she transformed many times before.
You missed the main point - practice against scouts, being prepared to fight them, including being mentally prepared, Annie was Zeke was not. Give the ease of Annie transformations I'm sure she transformed many times before season 1.
Time out, so really comparing annie who trained under the scouts for 3 years to someone who just showed up? Really?
Besides, youre talking about Levi here, Annie got annihilated by Levi as well, had it been any other Zeke would have killed them easily.

Also Annie has a lot of training background, even having her own technique, out of the 4 titans, Annie had the most hand to hand combat experience.

Zeke aint a coward mate, not matter how much you wanna say he is.

Zeke the titan's "War Chief" has, presumably, been a titan much longer than Annie. I'm judging him by his words and actions. Zeke had plenty of opportunity to practice against Reiner and Bertholdt an opportunity Annie never had.

Levi was fighting an "exhausted" Annie, his words, and Mikasa was ready to tag in. Levi vs a fresh Annie on open ground, I'm sure that's a fight he would go to great lengths to avoid.