The House With the Wisteria Family Crest - Demon Slayer Episode 14 Reaction


Idk if you've noticed or anyone has told you but inosuke and kirito have the same voice actor
Inosuke helped bury the bodies because Tanjiro manipulated him by saying "oh it's ok you're probably too tired" and Inosuke doesn't want to be looked down on. I think it got lost in translation maybe.
Let's gooo hope guys that we get next one faster or just that she reacts to them closer together (for her and uploads evenly over time :)
Love this show especially when I am a fan of Inosuke's voice actor Bryce Papenbrook, since he voices Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito) as well and to see a voice character play a complete opposite character type is really funny for me such as Inosuke battle freak and highly aggressive vs Kirito who talks calmly. Same thing with Josh Briner voicing Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and Luck Voltia from a show you haven't seen, but I enjoy it.

Side note: I prefer dub over sub, but for some anime I do watch both and I am glad I've seen both sub and dub such as for this anime because the dub doesn't have Taisho Secret clips at the end of the episodes and I love what Nezuko (Nezko in Japanese pronunciation unless u is silent) does in those clips. Unfortunately they show the title for next episode, so if you'd like you could watch them once you finish the next episode so the title won't be spoiled.
Inosuke: I'm taking all your food. You better do something or there won't be any left for you. So what's it gonna be, huh?
Tanjiro: Are you still hungry? Here, have some more.
Inosuke: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Don't just give it to me! Come and take it back! Fight for it back!

Inosuke: This bed is probably the most comfortable of the three. I'm sure you'd just love to sleep on such a cosy mattress, right? But if you want it back, you're gonna have to fight me for it. You ready?
Tanjiro: You can have it. Where do you want to sleep Zenitsu?
Ghedo, 23 Apr 2020 - 5:10pm
Suzy could you react to Zenitsu's japanese voice after u finish the anime?
How about no Its Bad enought iin......ACTUALLY YES I wonder how load and high pitched he is in that xD
Suzy Lu: I wonder if we will ever get to see his face.
Tanjiro used headbutt. Critical hit.

About Inosuke not feeling pain. While it's possible he is too hyped on adrenaline and his own idiotic, it could be shock. When you get hurt sometimes your body numbs the pain for a little while so you could escape from predators. It's also possible he just doesn't like to admit he's hurt. He's like a wild animal in a few ways. Although he did say his head hurt after he calmed down.