Pretend Family - Demon Slayer Episode 20 Reaction


I swear I always see you saying this dub is bad. Can you shush and let people enjoy what they want to enjoy and not weeb out.
Nezuko, 01 Jun 2020 - 7:07pm
OFC he's the ring leader :p He's one of the 12 Kizuki. The funny thing in is that fight was one of the weakest in the show. Just you wait until the Upper ranks of the 12 Kizuki show up Upper 1-6. The Lower ranks are nothing in power to them. No father is nothing compared to Rui the 12 Kizuki have a lot of Muzan Kibutsuji's blood inside them and they work directly below him
I have to be honest, it scares me a little that she doesn't remember about 12 Kizuki after all they mentioned it on the anime. :(
Demon slayer had most of its beauty in its voice acting and the dub voice actors ruined it
Jjcczz, 01 Jun 2020 - 6:18pm
Personally I would have taken Shinobu’s deal. Sure I’d have to have my intestines ripped out 80 times, but that’s still better than dying.
Suzy: " What the hell no!" Surprised Pikachu face
Rui: " You thought you defeated me how sad for you, did your delusion bring you a brief moment of joy"
Your reactions with the show's timing is priceless lol
What is the purpose of episode 19?... hmmm.. everything!

But I don't blame you. I blame those people who has no control for hyping the episode too much that it has lost its surprise element and the English voice actors for not giving the episode justice.