A Silent Voice Movie Reaction


Just an aside. I know this was years ago so no one is reading this but yes she can hear them. She has a hearing aid. She can still hear. They just have to talk loudly. Very rarely does deaf actually mean they can't hear anything at all. Same with blind people. Its very rare a blind person can't see anything
My all time favourite movie! I'm not one for showing emotions but everytime I see this film I have tears streaming down my face it's so beautiful!

Loved watching your guys reactions to this film.
i am her and him. i did nothing wrong but everyone hurt me. one of my bullys died the other day, i was there, i got to walk his body to his forever resting place ! he hurt me but i loved him ! im sorry i did not reply too your text and i love you ! i will keep going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not just for me ! but for you , i talked your mom, im still hurt your passing hurts . i love you shawn.
in Japanese the sentence. "the moon is beautiful, isn't it" and "I love you" sound the same. so when shoko tried to say she I love you. Shoya misunderstood about the moon instead.

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