Rehabilitation Training - Demon Slayer Episode 24 Reaction


I would prefer a poll on the VIP discord or a poll on your Twitter. The problem is we can't interact with your posts on Twitter, according to the text it says " People they follow can reply" meaning you have to follow us in order for us to interact with your posts. People always say Bleach but then in the polls they're in the minority compared to other shows.

People recommend other shows more than they do the " Big 3". So I recommend a poll to see what more people want not just those who say Bleach. Maybe in the beginning of a Naruto vid you could have a list of anime you're considering and number each one, and then we choose a number and post our number in the comments to cast our votes.
Joshua, 03 Jul 2020 - 1:38am
im vip but have no idea where to look for the discord is there a link somewhere
I see people recommend Full Metal a lot so I might check it out when I get done with Hunter x Hunter and Mob Psycho.