Temari Demon and Arrow Demon - Demon Slayer Episode 9 Reaction


Remember that Demons cant reliably kill each other, even if they destroy their heads, which is why is usually seen has a waste of time from both parts, only the demon slayer swords (i completely forgot the name) can kill them or a demon of extreme power (or sunlight)
He didn't die because a Demon cant be killed by another Demon. Only by the sun, oder a Demonslayer sword, can kill them
This is one of the Anime that I don't skip the intro. Also I hope nobody spoils episode 19 and 20 for you. Its so sad.
I think the earrings just are a key feature of him. There may be more to it though, I think I saw a flashback in an episode or 2 ago when he met Muzan. There was some older Demon Slayer wearing those.

Remember that demons can lose their heads and not die UNLESS they are cut with the special swords of the demon slayers.
Hes head was cut off by the "special" sword, so hes dead, other guy was hit by deamon ball. not entirely sure how it works but i think the deamons need to do alot more to kill one of their own :)
Aimer, 16 Feb 2020 - 1:02am
suzy dont know if u are aware but the singer from sword art op 1 is the same as this. (Lisa)