Todoroki vs. Bakugo - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 12 Reaction


They made it look like Ida's brother died... where have I seen that assumption before oh yeah when Suzy remembered Choji and Neji died. First time I see it, I thought Choji might not survive unless he recieves medical ninja assistance which was a good call from Tsunade and as for Neji the would went right through his shoulder which told me he didn't suffer a lethal wound like through the heart, head, and other vital organs. Or when you thought Sasuke died during the fight with Haku on the bridge.

Point is people can fall unconcious from being wounded such as blood loss and instead are assuming this is a death scene so time to cry. No not me I am not going to cry unless I see something a little more concrete.
I bet you wouldn't have a problem with Bakugo's name if you watched Bakugan maybe. Also, I believe Izuku calls Bakugo by the name "kachan" but the pronounciation sounds like ca-chan or catch-an reason why the ca instead of ka is because explosions can "catch on fire" hence the ca
I feel like this show victimizes his mom a little bit too much, making it seem like it wasn't her fault. The trauma that she went through didn't "make" her pour boiling water on Shota. That was her action. Her being abused does not make it forgivable.

I do however like the message that Todoroki wants to forgive her since she's his mother, and especially because they were both victims of his father. It takes incredible bravery and kindness to reach out to her after what she did to him, although even then it seems Todoroki was only keeping away because he didn't want to hurt her.
trauma DOES turn anyone into an abuser or something different. You can't resist a disorder and there's no cure for almost any mental illness such as PTSD. To expect someone to resist and overcome something like that is illogical.
N0, 18 Aug 2020 - 3:38am
"I feel like this show victimizes his mom a little bit too much"

That because she IS. Mental illness affects a person's life and you can't do anything about it. Why did the japanese wrestler commit suicide after being insulted a LOT? Can she not resist the disorder? Why are people so sensitive when insulted? Why would anyone enjoy or gain satisfaction or pleasure from killing others? These types of people exists because of what happened to their brain or they're just born with a specific disorder.

I'm sure Suzy can understand that if she pays close attention. Although, not experiencing trauma would be hard or impossible to relate and understand someone with trauma.
I never understood why Todoroki's mom got a pass either. Yeah she had a mental illness and a bad life with her family, but I still don't think it excuses what she did to a child. She burned his face. There are mothers who have killed their children because they had a mental illness as well, one cutting of the limbs of an 11 month old. They were found not guilty because she wasn't in her right mind, but is that really an excuse to not hold her accountable? All I'm saying is that just because your not in the right state of mind or have a disorder doesn't make the action justifiable.
N0, 16 Aug 2020 - 6:02am
Todoroki's mother was abused and you know what happens to those abused people. Don't forget, she raised lots of children. Being a mother isn't something you can just do. Most women today would complain for being threatened, abused, and treated badly, even though they did their best to take care of their kids.

And hurting a child is a normal thing for asian people. My mother always smacks me with a wooden broom for not listening and my dad would toss me out for being useless or just being a burden, so it's my fault why I get these harsh punishments.
Midoriya and Bakugo both want the exact same thing but for completely different reasons.
SethG, 15 Aug 2020 - 5:55pm
I was actually glad about how pissed Bakugo was after the fight. I honestly don't get how you can like him at all. But if I was Todotoki I definitely wouldn't use my fire aginst his explosion. Bakugo didn't deserve his full power.
I disagree, I think Shoto is being really selfish and only thinking about himself. Bakugo is a massive jerk no doubt, but that doesn't change the fact his motivations are true and pure. Bakugo believes that being the strongest is what is most important because as All Might once said to Deku, "some villains just can’t be beaten without using powers.” This could easily be applied to Shoto not using his full powers, some villains just can't be beaten without going all out. Bakugo and Deku both demonstrate what All Might is about more so than anyone else in Class 1A. Shoto cares more about spiting his father than actually becoming number 1 or saving people and that is just the hard truth.
You would feel okay with receiving a pity win in front of millions who believe the other guy probably should have won? You don't understand Bakugou's character and neither do you understand Todoroki's for that matter.
You should've reacted to the after credits too and bakugos quirk is explosion not fire it's a big difference because of the ways you can use it
you are misunderstanding Bakugou quirk, is not about fire, it is about explosion!
The mom basically had a mental breakdown from all the stress and abuse. A mental hospital is actually a good place for her to be, since she couldn’t stand to be around her kids, Todoroki especially. At least this way she doesn’t have to be near Endeavour and can get the help she needs so she doesn’t attack her kids anymore
Who else was watching the doggo. Its so bored! looking up evry now and then to see if she is going to do something else.