Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 14 Reaction


I live in the US, and I'm 6 years younger than you. I went to a large high school in a suburban area and there were no job placements.
When more than 70% of the population has quirks it's kind of bound to become a popularity contest I suppose.
RJ, 21 Aug 2020 - 3:42am
Gran Torino is such a Badass
this show is full of really cool characters
pretty funny episode. and pretty epic at the same time.
soundtrack on this show is so good.
Does anyone wanna tell Suzy that she's asking the questions about Hero Society that she's SUPPOSED to be asking at this point in the story? Well I'll do it then. Keep asking those questions Suzy, they 're the right things to be asking right now. Without spoiling anything else that's all I'll tell you.
Well, in reality, people mock and don't like ugly looking people deep down. regardless. They just don't wanna spill the beans cuz it's gonna offend ugly people, even though some are willing to do that just because.
It's called Taiyaki. It's just shaped like a fish, it's a pastry filled with red bean paste. It's pretty tasty, especially fresh.
It's called Taiyaki. It's just shaped like a fish, it's a pastry filled with red bean paste. It's pretty tasty, especially fresh.
Taiyaki is the fish shaped pastry

Gran Turino may seem old and dementia ridden, but think about what he was actually asking Deku. Who are you? What are you doing here? He was a bit more like yoda in his meaning; Those were actually deep questions, which Gran Turino finally got serious when Deku gave a deeper and more serious answer with the question of What are you doing here?

Its just like the microwave hint and his vagueness about his admiration for all might weighing him down.
Gosh darn it, j can't wait for a certain future episode this season, I'm getting hyped just thinking about it!!

Also, its always so epic how Midoriya's body fills up with One for All for the as he begins to grasp how to use it quirk properly for the first time!~
You really should watch those post-credits scenes, Suzy. The scene with Gran Torino appearing dead in his apartment was the post-credits scene in the previous episode.
For the career thing at my school was a vo tech where we left the school for a about 3 hours to work in the actual field to learn and go back to school afterwards to continue our classes. I did construction for my junior year building a house from the ground up and senior year I did nursing and got some licensing in that field. I however didn't move into either field for a career choice given my extreme knowledge of both more of a survival choice and to not see doctors at all. I formally worked at the Hyatt setting giant ballrooms and offices for clients and doing some serving during their parties but due to covid 19 got laid off hospitality got hit hard and recovery will take even longer.