Encounter - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 25 Reaction


RJ, 02 Oct 2020 - 2:30am
Shigaraki was pretty well developed as a villain in this episode.
he became way more interesting as a character in my opinion.
good episode.
you definitely make every episode of this show way more enjoyful to rewatch.
She did but something got fucked (camera or mic dont remember) so she wont upload the reaction to that
It's the mic. It's very unfortunate for us. Maybe I was the only one thinking about editing the movie by putting some 'subtitles' about her reation (what she's saying, etc) on that moment. It doesn't have to be that detailed (I know it's still tedious), but yeah, we'll respect her decision. I am just suggesting. I just hope she's read my comment about it.

This is an example. I know it's detailed and there are unnecessary parts but I'm just making it entertaining (even though it's not).

35:06 Suzy: "Hahaha, Yuiii!!! Poor Kirito, his relationship with Asuna is on the line."
35:34 Suzy: *Startled* "Oh my god! It almost gave me a heart attack!"
35:59 Suzy: "Whuwat?! She's vanished. What is she? Maybe a ghost or something. I hope that's not the case here..."
36:15 Suzy: "Maybe I'm right then..."
46:08 Suzy: "I can't over with it, her voice is beautiful!" *Suzy starts singing*
46:24 Suzy: "Hahaha girls get a grip"
48:33 Susy: *Shocked and horrified* "Woah! What just happened?!"
49:00 Suzy: "Oh no, run, run, Silica!"
49:07 Suzy: *Shocked* *Vexed* "Woah there buddy, why did you push her you douche!"
49:14 Suzy: *Scared* "Nooo, Asunaaa!!!"
49:15 to 49:32 Suzy: *Scared* *Worried* *Making sounds*
49:59 Suzy: "You are so dead buddy! Don't mess with Kirito!"
I wouldn't say its a season but rather a new version of Sword Art Online tale with a very beautiful art and animation.
That's an opinion rather than fact. We all have different taste. The point is, just enjoy what you like to watch. There's no point for comparison.
I could say that every fan base are like that, no, rather people themselves. They keep comparing their favourite anime to what they think is 'trash' for them. They think that they have 'very good taste' and thinks highly of that show and of course, themselves. Usually, it revolves around 'mature' genre (gore, etc. calling them 'kiddy show'), popular shows, etc, in their on seperate ways (not detailed). In the end, no one wins or lose (but maybe for them, they think they've won), they're just 'wasting' their time. The author might even loss money because of that. I encountered some people that hate that anime but was changed due to some reasons and have regretted joining the bandwagon or was influenced or whichever the case. Some people will say don't watch this and some people will say watch this. Don't let people pursued you, it's always present, you are the only who can determine what's good and bad for you. People often use the word "plot" but they don't even know what it really means (another example is the word "literal"). They keep saying 'plot' hole there, 'plot' hole here (some are right, some are wrong) but even their favourite show also has it but, of course, they're in denial about it, I mean that's pretty normal for a show to have that problem the only difference is the quantity it possess. Another thing is they keep saying "that main character has 'plot' armour". I get it but did they even ask or research about it because some of them have their explanation to why that happened (I saw a lot of people say that and when it was explained to them some understand, some doesn't understand, some can't accept it, etc). I sometimes saw "why Naruto is still alive he should have been long dead", well, of course, that's why the show is called Naruto it's his story if he died then that's the end of it (of course, the author 'protects' them from dying and that's present in every show). It's very simple, its just that people make things complicated. I know, I'm quite off the topic but I just want to say it.
DJay, 01 Oct 2020 - 12:32am
Successor vs Successor!!!! Can't wait for season 3 it has a huge impact to the show 😬😬😬
Progressive is not season 4 (Unital Ring is season 4 but we will have to wait for it) but rather a new version of Sword Art Online tale. It's a very detailed Aincrad arc floor by floor. That's very interesting to watch, hopefully (surely...) Suzy will watch it in the future.

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