Katsuki Bakugo: Origin - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 24 Reaction


Suzy! I'm really glad you're liking mha more now! Season 3 is going to really Floor you and season 4 is the absolute best anime out right now! Can't wait for you to get there.
Hey Suzy! I recommend you to watch the movie Two Heroes, then the episode All Might Rising before the start of season 3...
Don't listen to this dude. Two Heroes is completely skippable and actually rips a few holes in the primary plot if you pay attention to it enough. Go straight into Season 3.
yeah but the first movie IS canon and it is set right before the start of season 3.

and since she watches all the episodes of mha anyways, she'll probably see the episodes that directly reference the movie even if those are just filler/promo episodes.
It was only a recommendation... not for reaction on camera, maybe only when she had a time alone. For me it covers the time All Might stayed in NA working as a hero before his combat with AFO, so the OVA gives the info of his master and the reason he had to travelling to other country.
RJ, 30 Sep 2020 - 2:14am
such a nice epsiode
All Might ,Midoriya and Bakugo are pretty interesting good characters
As much as I love this episode, there was one thing I didn't get. Escape wasn't the only option they had. If they captured their opponent with the handcuff, then they'd still win. So, what happened to those handcuffs? Did Bakugo throw them outside the battlefield right after the exam started?
mini, 29 Sep 2020 - 9:53pm
Kacchan was the one in the right, he was treating it like a real battle. You can't run away from someone like All Might, and Deku didn't even want to try because he admires All Might too much.
Yes but at the same time, Midoriya knows how strong All Might is, Bakugo even acknowledged it during the exam. It wasn't wrong of Midoriya to choose to run, especially when taking the exam with Nezu into account, where their only option was TO run.

Just because a villian is right in front of you, doesn't mean you have to fight them, there are many other options to choose than to simply fight.

That being said, the plan after they both finally overcame their flaws and worked together to create a strength (Fighting then Running) was a fantastic plan, as if they were to keep fighting, they would've inevitably lost, same for simply running, you can't outrun the greatest hero to exist.
Watch the 2 heroes movie before season 3 hopefully this isn’t a spoiler but the way season 3 ends it definitely comes after the movie
it's set before season 3, but i agree that it kinda spoils some elements. i'd probably watch it around the halfway point of the season or maybe right after the episode that ties in with it.
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