The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 18 Reaction


If I was training to be a police officer and decided to go out and break a criminals ribs and puncture his lung, I’d go to jail. That’s basically what the kids did. The only reason they don’t go to jail is because of the circumstances.

And yea Stain was kinda right about the worlds ideology on heroes. A lot of the system is based on popularity and fame. But he recognized All Might and Deku as being “True” heroes.
RJ, 05 Sep 2020 - 10:39pm
i loved to hear your thoughts on this episode
Stain is such a well written chraracter
Even in the real world people need proper license and training to do certain jobs, People with guns can't go around running into burning buildings and shooting bank robbers without consequences.
Uraraka vs. Stain. Uraraka is a realist who views being a hero as a career. Stain is an idealist who views being a hero as a calling. Stain is also a fanatic who feels justified in murdering people who do not live-up to his ideals; fanatics are at their scariest when you identify with their ideals and find them so compelling that you consider that maybe their methods are just .
It made me mad when the police chief said "that's why you're not a full fledged hero", such bullshit. All Might at their age would NEVER have hesitated to break the laws on using his quirk if it meant saving someone else, and he is the number one hero. It seems less like the rules are there to maintain order and more to support the commercialization of heroism, it's exactly what Stain was fighting against.
Ok let's clear something up Iida had no right to leave his internship hero to fight a villain on his own especially when there were civilians being attacked by Nomus. Midoriya and Todoroki were trying to save a friend from a villain but they didn't have their licenses yet, think about it like this, in this world quirks are deadly weapons that easily be used to kill even if it wasn't intended, which is why they have hero licenses in the first place, so that they have the training to not kill a villain so they can be captured. Let me ask you something, if someone is robbing a bank would it be ok if a random person without a gun license to shoot the bank robber? No, you see it's the fact that there was chance they could've killed stain which is why it was not in their right to fight a villain without proper training it didn't matter if someone might've died if they didn't step in besides midoriya could've convinced a pro to follow him or Todoroki could've had his dad come with him if he knew midoriya was serious about some sort of trouble at his location. The problem is they chose to go without alerting pros.
you must understand that they're still highschool students "heroes under training"
they don't have the lisence to use their power outside the authorised place

and the LAW has to be followed in order to dicipline young generation so that they won't end up greedy for power which could change their mentality and end up making the villian

it's the same as letting a kid using gun to shoot
When it comes to the laws, the problem isn’t that they’re not allowed to use their powers, it’s that without a license they’re only allowed to do so if the heroes they’re interning with give them permission. Because they all ran off on their own they ended up in a situation where they couldn’t get permission to act. If Gran Torrino or Endeavour were there and they got permission everything would have been fine
Hey Suzy long time fan first time commenter. So I know after this episode you had questions about how the Hero Society worked and possibly siding with The Hero Killer Stain and his beliefs. Well your not wrong Hero Society is vary much corrupt. If you like to know more. I will leave a link to a YouTube channel I found where they did an episode explaining the darker untold truth of hero society in My Hero Academia. Anyone else is welcome to check it out too if you like to know more. But I will say this there are some spoilers in it from the manga and brief clips from future episodes.
Suzy just learned the questionable side of the My Hero world.
Unless you're a licensed Hero you can't use your abilities. A later episode touches on this (latest season) but the spin off "Vigilantes" has a lot about it, sadly there isn't an anime of it ...yet (hopefully)
It's such a brief moment but made me laugh out loud first time I saw it. Shame she didn't include it.
This whole episode was on the topic of anarchy from two perspectives; those who have rules in place to prevent them (which you were against regarding Midoriya's, Todoroki's and Ida's actions) and those who want to cause chaos (which you were also against regarding the villains reminiscing on the "wild west"). You have to see the contradiction there. Just like in real life, not everyone can go and be police officer, be a doctor, etc unless they are a license professional. It is illegal for anyone to portray themselves as something, they are not, that could jeopardize, not only, their own life but also the lives of others, just like it is illegal for children to play superhero in MHA because people's lives are at stake. If these rules were not in place, the world would be in anarchy.
This is an awesome summary for this episode, thanks for taking the time to post it :D
What the chief said makes total sense. If there weren’t regulations like that, people would abuse their powers and say they were doing hero work. Sure what those 3 did was amazing and helpful but if the rules weren’t like that there would be far more negatives than positives
Even though Stain is taking his thing too far I can understand the reason behind it. Heroes who are only seeking for fame and fortune could end up causing a lot of damage at worst.
Actions speak louder than words. No one was listening to his message until he took it upon himself to do something about it. Now EVERYONE knows his message. You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Deymoo, 30 Aug 2020 - 1:37pm
Imagine Suzy.
You have 100 child heroes, and they are all predisposed to become great high level heroes in the future.
If you let them fight criminals now before they grow up, 3/4 of them will die.
It is normal for them to try to avoid losing the young heroes at all costs. Maybe they'll lose some innocent people, but they'll save the heroes and the heroes might save more people in the future.
Deku and the rest were lucky because Stain just held back. He did not want to kill children and people of pure soul. He tried to kill people who only thought of fame and rankings, such as the father of Todoroki.