Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past - My Hero Academia S2 Episode 20 Reaction


Kiitzu, 08 Sep 2020 - 12:03am
All for One gave his brother a quirk that stockpiles power with no true limits. He didn't give him it out of love or care, but for him to hold onto that power for All for One's sake. So the power that All Might and Deku have aren't as "shady" as the mantle of power was forced on to the younger brother, whose ideology was the opposite of the older Brother.
However the little brother already had a quirk that allowed him to pass quirks along (Essentially the transfer part of All for One, without the stealing part.)
The two Quirks combined into One for All, a torch bearing power that gets stronger and stronger via stockpiling power from each holder. Each holder is stronger than the last essentially.
All for One vs One for All being literal opposites, one for selfish acts, the other for selfless acts.
RJ, 07 Sep 2020 - 8:59am
pretty nice to see your reactions to aAll Might's backstory
You definitely should start season 3 sooner rather than later! It’s gets soooo much better! An emotional rollercoaster tbh! 😉
Please react to My hero Academia Movie 1: 2 heroes after finishing season 2 and before starting season 3. You will love it.