Battle on, Challengers! - My Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 8 Reaction


gnmh, 07 Aug 2020 - 7:29pm
"she didn't do anything, she just turned around and her hair did everything" 🤦‍♂️

do you think the vines formed an electrical ground on their own? do you think the vines went underground to capture kaminari on their own? I know you like class 1-A but you have to give credit where credit is due...kaminari blew everything on one attack that incapacitated him and didn't think any further than that b/c he thought it couldn't be countered
I wouldn't say Hatsume (machine girl with pink hair) was being mean. It's iida's fault for being too weak to deal with what she was showing off. The support class is being judged by how effective her gadgets will be for other heroes, so she will use any opportunity naturally to secure her own future.
RJ, 06 Aug 2020 - 11:45pm
such lighthearted moments on this episode.
i love the sense of humor on this show.
this competition is awesome
the Narrator of the competition is hilarious
Fang27, 06 Aug 2020 - 1:49am
The game where people's clothes blow off is Senran Kagura lol don't ask me how I know that xD