Smoldering Flames - My Hero Academia S4 Episode 15 Reaction


Yoooooooo I totally agree with what you said about Dub vs. Sub there are definitely some shows that are better sub don't get me wrong but my hero isn't one of them. Especially since in the sub for this show the translation is taken so literal some of the things they say either sound weird like the wording is wrong or the things they say just aren't as impactful as the dub and for a show about heroes who are supposed to be inspirational you just can't have things like that kill the mood mid episode.
rem, 05 Aug 2022 - 9:05am
Next few episodes are extremely boring to me but it picks up after
The English Dub for S5 is already out though? And I think Season 6 will be back to the format where it's only a week behind the original? idk. I know S5 was thrown off because of Covid stuff.
Exactly, same with AOT Season 4. The way I see it, if COVID never happened then ALOT of anime/manga series would've turned out better than they did.