Kurama - Naruto Shippuden Episode 328 Reaction


Yeah, all this slow flashback heavy stuff is exactly what people were talking about when they said the war arc was slow and boring at times.
Susy hears her kurama voice in the original language it sounds very different
In a way it is lazy to have that many flashbacks Suzy, but the reason is not entirely their fault. Because Naruto was a weekly ongoing anime and didn't take any breaks, they had to pad the anime sometimes because the anime moves faster than the manga. I think the anime team thought the best way to pad it was to use flashbacks to make the audience more attached to the current events. It DOES work, but it is definitely overused in Naruto. Your criticism is valid, but just know that if they didn't have to worry about the manga they would not have chosen to pad it so much I think.
Remember Suzy that the Tailed Beasts were extracted from the Jinchuriki but NOT killed by the Akatsuki. They were just being stored in the gedo statue and then tobi put them back into the past Jinchuriki. Also remember that IF a Tailed Beast happens to be killed, it actually respawns into the world alive again after a certain amount of time passes (we don't know how long).
RJ, 17 Oct 2020 - 4:43pm
such a awesome moment when the Nine-Tails asked Naruto to keep going.
the episode was just okay in my opinion , but that moment gave me chills.
i love to see your reactions and hear your thoughts.
your reactions videos on this show always make my days so much better,
These eps are like....

Animators having a break before they start living in thier studios.
The tailed beasts arent dead suzy, they cant die, they are literally the embodiment of chakra. The jinchuriki are dead but the beasts are not
if a jinchuriki dies while the tailed beast is still inside, the tailed beast dies too. That's why 3 tails had to be brought back to life.
See? These are the flashback fillers I was talking about back when I commented in the 270s. Feel free to skip them. The show's still good without them.
Aljohi, 17 Oct 2020 - 12:41am
I’ll be in the military for 10 weeks hope you don’t skip the next filler arc