A Shinobi of the Leaf - Naruto Shippuden Episode 356 Reaction


Yamato doesn't want to be called Tenzo anymore because Tsunade gave him the codename "Yamato" when she ordered him to take over Team Kakashi and never really rescinded that order. I would assume that, being true to the mark of a loyal shinobi of the leaf, Yamato feels that the hokage's orders surpasses any potential other names used by other people to refer to him; most likely because he feels a strong personal connection to the hokage out of precisely what was shown in this episode.
What are you talking about? She literally let Danzo do tons of behind the scenes stuff from
the time when she was appointed all the way up to his death.
Suzy the identity of anbu black ops members is supposed to be secret to those not in the anbu, tenzo was given the name yamato by tsunade for his out of anbu assignments for this reason. Kakashi was essentially breaking his cover that's why he told him not to call him tenzo, it wasn't for personal reasons.

Also his curse mark is gone now because Danzo is dead, it was presumably the same thing sai had on his tongue.
Once Danzo died all curse marks disappeared from everyone's tongue. If you recall Sai noticed that his curse mark went away after the fight between Sasuke & Danzo.
Tenzo was his name in the Anbu, but he was give the code name, Yamato, by Tsunade when he was asked to lead Naruto’s team. He’s not annoyed to be called Tenzo, he just wanted to stick to his new name.
Didn't we see this already? Is it just me or...does 356 come before 366? Is this just a re-upload?
RJ, 19 Nov 2020 - 4:12am
what a good episode.
such a cool moment when The Third Hokage appears on Danzo's Foundation.
the relationship created by Kakashi and Yamato on this arc is really awesome.
thankfully this arc exists to show a Yamato backstory,
because the main arcs unfortunately don't do it.
also thankfully Filler arcs exists. because charismatic characters like Tenten
barely had screen time on main arcs. unfortunately Neji did not had this luck.
poor Neji did not had enough screen time on Shippuden, not even on Fillers.
i really like Yamato as a character.
just like i like Kakashi. and this arc develops him even better his character.
you're are making really good reactions videos on this arc.
this arc even made you cry.multiple times. it shows how much you're into this arc.
and i'm so happy that you gave us the oportunity to see your reactions to this arc.
Personally I dont mind filler episodes, I really like them. And I think we all should respect what you do, your decisions, after all it is your content. I pay for reactions even for the ones that I might not like. Different opinions that's it. If I dont like something I dont watch it.
Kiyo, 19 Nov 2020 - 3:24am
He was not unhappy about being called Tenzo. He just wanted to respect his new name Yamato given by the 5th.
RJ, 19 Nov 2020 - 3:04am
am i dreaming ? because i mean...i though i was awake. i really thought...
i thought i was awake. but seen this episode already, seems like a dream to me.
Happy is not a word that describe how i'm feeling right now.
i'm absolutely stoked.
thank you so much, S
i'm sure that all the over twenty thousand people that were enjoying to see your
journey watching the Kakashi arc will be super happy to see this episode too.
an episode of Final Fantasy 7 Remake earlier and now a episode of Kakashi arc.
you had literally made today one of the best days of my year.
please think about alternate the episodes. one episode of the main arc in a day
and one episode of the Kakashi arc in the other day.
then everyone will be happy enough.
people that are loving to see your journey watching the Kakashi arc will be happy,
people that think that the Kakashi arc is boring will not need to wait so much
until the next Main episodes.
and most important is that you'll not burnout having to post two episodes per day.
we love you. thank you once again
Damn, you guys are salty. She said she was going to upload these, so you should have expected this eventually.

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