The Perfect Day for a Wedding - Naruto Shippuden Episode 500 Reaction


Are we going to see Boruto series uploaded soon? Prepare to be suprised and more tears. I'm reading the manga and yeah, episodes hasn't released on the parts I'm reading but it's gonna be an emotional day for you
I would also like to recommend the ova video. It is the day naruto becomes hokage. It really gives a good feeling to the end of everything because it is actually him becoming hokage. You see him in his married life a bit and get a glimpse at the fruits of all the coupling at the end of shippuden. I think waiting on boruto is a very good idea, but the Ova would fit better after this.
Thank you Suzy for the show I will continue to follow you and see your next new anime. One last thing to tell you keep going. 😌🤜🤛🤝
So are you not posting your reactions to 357-361? I was still expecting them to come at some point since you never officially indicated that you wouldn't finish reacting to that filler arc
As a boruto fan, I think your plan of waiting is very reasonable, especially since the dub is in an odd place right now. Better to wait until more of the juicy bits happen
I miss your outro theme. It would have been a nice way to close out this episode...oh well. Boruto although good, is similar to watching Naruto fillers non-stop. I think you should focus on short and/or medium length animes for a while. There are great animes that are only 12 - 26 episodes and some good ones that have less than 150. With that said I'll continue to follow your reactions no matter what you choose, but I'd personally like to see you get through Hunter x Hunter before Boruto. I think you'll love it as both anime fan and a gamer. Take care Suzy, I've been with you for quite a bit now and have watched all your reactions and will continue to do so.
I also enjoyed the journey with you. Watching your reactions throughout all the episodes is my 4th time rewatching Naruto.
Enjoyed the journey.. hopefully we get one piece even in dub (600+ episodes dubbed) long but heck well
Worth it.
Suzy, would you consider watching Boruto: Naruto the Movie? It's dubbed in English, it's canon to the main story, and it picks up right after Shippuden.
Suzy, thanks so much for the last nearly two years of daily Naruto reactions.
A lot of us grew up with this anime and watching it through your eyes makes it feel like we're watching it for the first time again.

Tbh I'd have an appetite for a bit more Naruto content.
Maybe a full video on your final thoughts of the series as a whole,
a supercut of your favorite reaction moments,
or eventually a series of your reaction to your reactions.
It's crazy how close some of your predictions were and I'd bet you'd get the same enjoyment out of watching yourself as we have.

Thanks again for the great content and I'll see you in other series!
Suzy thanks for taking us on this journey. I think most of us can agree that we wish to be able to re watch naruto for the first time, so it was nice going through the experience with your fresh eyes. Naruto is such a beautiful show, full of life lessons for us all. Im glad you loved this show as much as many us do. Also you look stunning in this dress!!! I love that you dressed up for the wedding!
Thank you for an amazing 2 yrs of the best anime of all time with you😁
The next generation is afoot😉🧡🖤
Actually I first subscribe to your youtube because of your reaction to SAO and many episode in Naruto. Even followed through an old play list where you play the Last of Us series 1 & 2. I came to your website when you were announcing Deathnote. I even went through your reactions of Naruto and shippuden all the way from the beginning (the eps on youtube weren't complete). I liked your reactions that much!

I'm glad I saw you all the way to the end of shippuden. The ending didn't disappoint and you looked even more beautiful than usual.

Also I think your reactions to AOT is pretty good too.
i agree naruto was fun but i do miss SAO I guess she still has the last 6 of AOT and the 10 episodes of alicization left

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