Something To Fill the Hole - Naruto Shippuden Episode 372 Reaction


OrLLo, 06 Dec 2020 - 3:26am
Naruto would be in this case Sarutobi as Hokage and Sasuke Danzo as shadow "Hokage" only in better
Suzy : You don't get to be a Rogue ninja and suddenly come back to be a Hokage...
HMMMMM.. Suzy, how would you feel if it was Itachi, coming back from being Rogue ninja, would you want him to be Hokage..
I would..
Sasuke just had to ruin the team 7 assemble with that stupid Hokage line 😒, but it's good to see the team back together 👍🏽
Okay okay, One thing has to be understand, For some reason there is a perception that Hashirama is stronger than Madara and even though I am biased towards Hashirama as he is my favorite character, I have to say that Madara and Hashirama are both equals in battle, and if they are to fight in 100 battles I would say that the outcome would be around 52-48 in favor of Hashirama, with this margin they are pretty much equal.
Fay, 25 Nov 2020 - 4:18pm
Sasuke: "I WILL...become HOKAAGEE!"
Naruto Trump: "Fake ne~ws! Fa~ke news"

D.J Hashirama: "We will build a wa~ll, and ten tails' gonna pay for it! Who's gonna pay for it folks?”
Fantastic four: "TEN TAAAILS!"
D.J Hashirama: "You see? like I said Folks! Let's add some Gates. It will be great. Bigly fantastic. Awesome.”
Lenf, 25 Nov 2020 - 3:51pm
Nooo this episode had too much good scenes to be cut! Although yes is risky ..this episodes gives goosebumps!
You are simply wrong. It's embarrassing. If you just take Sakura from the OG Naruto you would have a point but in shippuden she has done alot of things that without her would have changed things drastically to the negatives.
Easy: Ten-Ten (Dont think i need to explain) , Kiba (biggest contribution is holding off one of the sound four and almost failing) , Rock Lee (maybe two moments of usefulness) , Sai ("Defeats" his brother although itachi would have fixed that problem anyway), Kurenai (Tries to put itachi into a genjutsu), Anko, Shizune (Was surpassed by Sakura in three years) , All of the ninja who come from the land of the clouds except A, Bee and Darui) , Kurotsuchi (Onoki's grandddaughter) Suigetsu ( fails at capturing bee), Ao (only moment of use is identifying Danzo's stolen sharigan. All more useless than Sakura. Keep in mind i like alot of these characters, Rock Lee is one of my favorites but Sakura is far from being the most useless character. And before you say BuT RoCk LeE fOuGhT KimiMaRu, he was losing and if he didn't show up Kurama would have given Naruto the necessary power to defeat him before anything bad could of happened to him. Sakura's problem is people always compare her to Naruto and Sasuke which is unfair. It would be better to compare her to Tsunade or someone at that level.
"I am wahmen, hear me roar!" - Sakura

Aww, so cute thinking she's even close to on par with Naruto or Sasuke lmao
Still stronger than most everyone else and without a demon or deux ex machina eyeballs.
I remember way back in the day when you started shippuden, you said something along the lines of I can’t wait for sasuke to come back and for them to be a team again. I remember thinking of this episode and how it was a long way off but how you were going to freak when it happened. 10/10 did not disappoint!