The New Three-Way Deadlock - Naruto Shippuden Episode 374 Reaction


Orochimaru was never evil he just didn’t know the meaning of life and the meaning of death and sasuke intrigued him cuz he saw himself in him when sasuke also didn’t know the meaning of being a shinobi or what it means to be a village
Seeing a flashback of the Sannin was a thrill to watch. You can tell Lady Tsunade would've killed Orochimaru if he did decide to hurt Jiraiya... then seeing Lady Tsunade and Orochimaru discuss the fate of Jiraiya was amazing too.
Happy to see Lady Tsunade power through being cut in half and heal the other kage at the same time!!! It was nice seeing her interact with Orochimaru after all the stuff they been through. The 5th Hokage's Will
He explained it. When inside kabuto he saw him live out his dreams and fail so he’s chosen a different path.
DJay, 27 Nov 2020 - 9:36am
Orichimaru is doing it to observe Sasukes growth. He wants to see where Sasukes future leads. His a teacher that wants to watch over his students growth and path. That's why he changed and why he says he wants to observe Sasuke.
Orochimaru changed because he witnessed what Kabuto went through to obtain power and felt sorry for him. Itachi's words to Kabuto also probably reached Orochimaru and he now no longer wants to gain all the jutsu and power in the world himself anymore, but rather watch Sasuke progress. He helps the Kage so that they have a bigger chance of winning the war.
Chief toad was in the pain arc so he's good for rn, plus Gamakichi is his kid so of course he would look like him. It's a new generation now 👍🏽
mmm doesn't Sai look alot like Orochimaru? with the pale skin and black hair! hehee.
Why doesn't Anybody notice this.
Orochimaru is such an untraditional antagonist that its always so interesting to see what he does, or even hear his voice.
Basically Orochimaru Felt bad for Kabuto on how messed up he's has gotten and saw everything he has done while being inside of him by copying him, living his life as the same is Orochimaru and failed and been as though sasuke was also trained by Orochimaru like Kabuto Orochimaru is curious about sasuke's future since he didn't try to copy him.
ehehe ehehee. THIS is the episode some of us have waited so long for you to See! or the parts of it. The part where Orochimaru helping Tsunade. Oh How i waited for this!
He is like Dracula with his snake fangs and long hair. dont u think? Or better!