The Strongest Hero - One Punch Man Episode 12 Reaction


pls react to these fun animes;

Adventure and action: hunter x hunter or yuyu hakusho
Sports: kuroko no basket
Adventure about FOOD: Food wars
One Punch Man Season 2 seems not as good as one is.. But if you want, i still would love for you to react to it.

and in the same time, got 2 other shows for you, i hope you sink your teeth in

*Made in Abyss (13 Eps, 1 Movie)
*Mob Spycho 100.

You should watch Mob Psycho 100. Same creator yet it does both comedy and action better. It's also pretty wholesome at times.
Please keep doing it more reaction to OPM thanks, going on to season 2 but first don’t forget to the special OP episode for the season 1 there is about 6-7 episodes :) :) is funny

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