The Ultimate Disciple - One Punch Man Episode 7 Reaction


Just a heads up, if you're going to react to OPM Season 2 you should probably go with the Blu-Ray release. There were a lot of corrections for that just like in AOT
Problem is, I doubt Suzy knows how to record it. I could tell her. You just buy an external Blu Ray drive, and copy the episodes as files. Then you can play them and record them at will.
It's because of Covid that more episodes aren't made yet. It put a halt to making several shows. Otherwise season 3 would have been out already.
the way tang top brothers tried to discredit and shame saitama, first time i seen a series pull if off like that. really well done and funny.
jun, 07 Jul 2021 - 4:22am
Shorter series has more money to spend per episode. Probably why.
Every time I hear `Tank Top Tiger' I think `Palm Top Tiger'; Toradora withdraw. Suzy I am glad I followed you into watching One Punch Man, what is next?
This episode is very close to the creator of OPM Webcomic. He was humiliated by the mangaka community, receiving death threats because his drawings were awful. He almost wanted to quit until the best manga artists help him redraw (and rewrite) his work.