Unyielding Justice - One Punch Man Episode 9 Reaction


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I think it is funny, and unique storytellingwise, that the Hero Association, as a whole, trusts Satiama so much.
Now that you’ve gotten to know Mumen Rider I’m gonna try and explain what exactly he’s parodying because it’s a pretty famous piece of Japanese super hero history

So basically in the 70s there was a live action tv show called Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) by Shotaro Ishinomori. It was about a college student called Takeshi Hongo, who was turned into a cyborg by a company called Shocker that’s bent on taking over the world. Takeshi would dress up in a costume meant to resemble a grasshopper and ride around on his motorcycle fighting monsters sort of like power rangers

However early on in the series the actor who played Takeshi was thrown from his motorcycle in a stunt and broke both legs. Until he could return a new character who was also a cyborg was introduced and took on the name Kamen Rider basically becoming Kamen Rider 2

The series was so successful it created a second kaiju boom (giant monster boom). The series continued in several forms for decades while the Idea of multiple Kamen Riders lead to the creation of many different characters all taking the name Kamen Rider. Each version typically rode some kind of motor vehicle and either through magic, mutation, technology, or some combination transformed into Kamen Rider

So what ONE (the author of one punch man) has done here is create the most normal version of Kamen Rider possible and given him the name Mumen, short for Mumenkyo which means Unlicensed, as in no car or in this case bike license. So Mumen Rider is the Unlicensed Rider
The scene with Amai Mask is actually pretty interesting. During his conversation with Genos a few episodes ago he said he expected great things from Genos, so it’s not Saitama he’s mad at its Genos for not being able to stop the Sea King
Just to clarify Mumen rider knew Saitama was in class C because we saw him looking at Saitama’s hero association profile on his computer. The reason Mumen said Saitama was funny was because he knows how strong Saitama really is and yet, Saitama was acting like a regular class C hero. He didn’t treat Mumen as less of a hero for being rank C, instead he just started complaining about weekly quotas like any other rank C hero, when it should be easy for Saitama because of his strength
or.. Maybe start something longer?

what about RWBY?? 8 Seasons, but episodes are pretty short.. so you can put 4 a 5 eps per video in.. so, it might go pretty fast.
Mumen Rider is one of the few genuine people in the hero's association. You've already met one of the other few (I'll let you figure out who). Saitama makes friends easily with the people who don't let their egos cloud their thinking all the time. People like Mumen Rider and Genos are drawn to him and are able to see him for what he is.
I Hope after season 2 of OPM.. Suzy gives ''Made in Abyss'' and its movie a try..

its a 13 episodes show, and the movie ''Dawn of the Deep Soul''