Smile - Attack On Titan Episode 23 Reaction


Qzo_xl, 22 Feb 2021 - 11:16pm
That was all planned to capture Annie. Of course Armin would have told the scouts all about his theory. Thus, resulting in them setting a trap for Annie.
Suzy please react to Attack on Titan in 9 minutes by Gigguk after you finish season 1. You are not going to get spoiled by it because it only has scenes from the first season.
Armin shot his flare to notify them and that was his back up plan if she didn't go to the tunnel
Hey Suzy, let me know if you see this comment by replying. Don’t forget to watch the after credits scene on episode 25, it’s really important you don’t miss it
She mentioned on her Twitter account that she finished this season and saw the post credits scene.
jun, 22 Feb 2021 - 4:03am
They were testing her. She would have been innocent if she went in the cramp tunnel.
Really? I never believed that "you can prove you're innoncent by coming down here" I always thought they just wanted to capture her to interrogate her, but by coming down she wouldn't have been able to transform so that was the safest way to do it.
Yea don’t worry just rewatch the 1st season and you’ll understand more and more this whole show is just foreshadowing
Love this series, so far. ATO must explain Annie's motivation(s) to my satisfaction. This series has set a high bar for itself; Annie can't be treated as - Villain, Season 1 part 2- someone we can/should forget about.
Armin suspected Annie was the female titan which is why they set her up to confirm Armin's theory. Those people rushed Annie to stop her from transforming, that's why they were there. But Annie was one step ahead of them with that ring
Lmao Suzy this was all a plan created by armin since he’s been suspecting her for a month now . I’m sure you’ve seen the next episodes but they plan was to lure Annie into the underground to confirm if she’s a Titan or not since Titans can’t transform underground. As she said the town was for some reason deserted , because they were on standby to stop her from biting herself to become a Titan I thought that was obvious . The reason she put on the ring was because she was suspicious of armin already and the ring is a needle so she can use it to become a Titan . Yes everybody knew and they were apart of the plan .
Bro I LOVEEE how she had no clue until it was revealed best reaction so far. For some reason I don’t like when people guess so far ahead of time that it was Annie